Burn Tips
Below is probably more information on candle use than you ever wanted to know, but here it is!

*Every brand of candle will burn differently! Always read the instructions on the bottom before use. Often manufacturers use a standard label with no specific information, but always look to be sure. Ascents Candles all have a label with specific information.

* The most important thing to remember with Ascents candles is to trim the wick as needed to maintain a calm and centered flame. We use great wicks! Your candle will not burn a skinny hole down the middle or have a weak flame. The tricky thing about vegetable wax is its tendency to form little air pockets as it cools. So when you extinguish your candle, the pool of wax may form an air pocket right at the base of the wick. Watch the candle after you first light it to be sure an air pocket didn't open and leave you with a very long wick.

* The industry standard is to burn candles for about one hour per inch in diameter. Our smaller sizes do best when burned for 2-3 hours, but always extinguish if it has perforated the side. The larger sizes can burn longer, 3-5 or more each time.

* All candles regardless of what they are made from will smoke or soot if the wick is left too long. If you see any candle smoking or sooting, trim the wick... if it is still making a mess, it is the materials used in the candle. Ascents will NOT soot if the wick is the proper length.

* Keep the wick positioned upright and adjusted so the melt pool stays centered.

* Trim the wick if a red ember or carbon mushroom forms on the tip, common with essential oils, it can interrupt a good flame.

* Never burn candles in a draft of near combustible materials. A drafty location will cause uneven burning and likely a spill.

* And lastly, always burn on a safe surface away from linens and carpets. Accidents happen and although vegetable wax is easier to clean up than paraffin, clean up is still a pain.

Cleaning Up!

* Accidents happen... the good news is that our wax is not too difficult to clean up.

* Smooth surfaces: Just wait for it to harden and it should just lift off with a fingernail.

* Cloth and clothing: wrinkle/wiggle the cloth back and forth as soon as you can... this will cause the wax to crumble and fall away. Try to get as much out as possible and then wash in warmest water you can. You may need to wash a few times, but it will come out and it will not leave a greasy stain.

* Carpet: Similarly to the clothing, you want to pulverize the wax into powder and vacuum it up. It sounds strange, but use a clean hammer smash it up. I have also used a metal spatula to chop it up, but nothing sharp. Any residue left can be cleaned up by laying down paper-towels and ironing the spot.