Words from happy customers!

Hi! My husband and I were on our way to the locks when we saw the market in full swing. We stopped by and found your candle booth. I must say these are by far the best candles I have ever burned! I used to go to Illuminations and yours are far superior! Not only because of the wax used but the scent that is not in anyway a "chemical" odor. Thanks for being there and having us stumble upon you. We were celebrating my bday so made it that much more special for us as my husband knows I've been searching for a great candle! I am forever a life time buyer of yours!!

Hi Julianna,

My friend received the candles yesterday.  This is what she wrote "Omigod, they are fantastic!!!     So fragrant, really wonderful.  I love them!"

I just wanted to let you know that your company's candles are absolutely fantastic! I recently moved to a new residence and was in the process of deciding how to decorate and knew that I wanted to include candles in the plan. I had purchased one of your candles two years ago at the Fremont Festival and LOVED it! So when it came around to deciding on what candles to buy, I immediately remembered yours. I look forward to trying out the new scents. I also passed the word along to my roommates and several friends, so hopefully you'll be getting more orders!
~Chris P.

I am so excited. We used to live up in Redmond. I met you at one of the farmers markets and loved your candles. Then I moved down here about two years ago. I put on a candle yesterday and got an immediate headache. I tried to remember the name of your company and was so happy when i found it! You make the only candles that don't give me a headache. My son also got a bad cough from the candle i was burning. It was horrible. I am so happy to have found you again!!!


Just a note to let you know how MUCH I am enjoying my candles! I think I light them everyday and I actually look forward to it! They are just so wonderful and I LOVE the smell. I am partial so far to the spearmint and peppermint ones. I think they help me stay alert when trading. The scents are nice and strong but not over powering. I LOVE the way they burn and love the way the wax "glitters" like snow. They are totally beautiful. I have NO allergy or asthma problems with them at all.

Hi there,
We met at Best of NW (I was across from you at the Ovarian Cancer Booth).  Do you need testimonials? 
We can give you two.  My husband and I love, Love, LOVE your candles.  These are absolutely the best, 
most refreshing candles ever.  I am a candle fiend, but unfortunately I am cursed with ultra sensitve skin,
so that limits my selection.  I have been able to burn these candles almost continuously since I bought them
with no ill side effects whatsoever.  And the essences they emit are pure heaven.  LOVE THEM!  Can't wait
to get more to distribute around the house and give to friends for the holidays!


Love your candles--am giving several as gifts this time. It is a good thing to share--your candles are very calming and gorgeous while burning!

With appreciation,



I just wanted to share that I was so excited to find your ginger-orange-balsam candle today at Madison Market. I love essentials oils, but most candles I've seen before are too strong for my very sensitive skin. Every once in a while I would consider some candles, but on top of the sensitivity issue, I usually can't find a fragrance blend that I like! The smells are usually just too "in your face" and the combinations somewhat predictable.

I love the smells of balsam, ginger, and orange, but never expected to find them combined together in a beautiful candle. Thank you so much!! (Actually, I don't think I've ever seen a candle with balsam, but maybe I just haven't been paying close enough attention.) But your other mixes also smell great. Usually when I'm choosing scented candles, I go through a quick process of elimination: "Ew, oh that's worse, this one is maybe tolerable, and this one, yuk!" But today I stood there for at least ten minutes trying to choose.

Thanks again, and best wishes for your continued success with your business!