Our Story

Ascents Candle Company was started in Seattle in the fall of 2003 with boisterous praise from a dear friend who said "these are so beautiful, you should sell these!"  I wasn't convinced at first, but urged on; I set up a little booth at the Ballard Farmers Market and was pleasantly surprised to find so much interest in an alternative to petroleum-based candles. Soon I found myself too busy to continue the search for a "real" job…(thank you Maria!)

I started out my career as an interior designer and found that after years of designing and managing new construction projects in New York City, I was becoming more and more sensitive to the off-gassing VOCs on my job-sites. At the end of 2001 and after meeting my husband-to-be, we moved to the Bay area in California where I took a position with the David and Lucile Packard Foundation in Los Altos . They have a policy of sustainable design and construction practices that made it a truly wonderful place to work.  I remember thinking, when I left for Seattle , “I’m never going to find another job like this again”.

And so it all started in the Bay area with my wanting to hand-make some Christmas presents in 2002. I’ve always been crafty and candles seemed like a great holiday gift. So I was off to my local hobby shop for wax, scent, and color. “What was I thinking?!” I ask myself now, knowing my sensitivity. It wasn’t long before I had a persistent headache and was all over the internet digging up information on other indoor air pollutants. Needless to say, candles are a major culprit. So I spent the next year gathering information, testing waxes, and learning all about the benefits of pure essential oils…oh and we were moving to Seattle that summer too!
Ascents Candle Company was born.