Hello all!

Our move is finished!

We are up and running and thank you for your patience.

I will not be at BTNW this year, but online ordering is a snap. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


The Ascents Candle Company offers a line of natural candles handmade from renewable materials that are free of the soot and smoke that come with paraffin products. Available in seven wonderful aromatherapy blends, we never add any synthetic fragrances that trigger allergies in so many people...including us! We also offer unscented candles in a variety of shapes and colors.

Palm is a special crystallizing wax that exhibits a wonderful surface texture! The bodies of the candles actually look like quartz. Extra long burn times are another benefit to natural palm wax; about 40% longer than paraffin. Each hand-poured candle is entirely free of petroleum and animal products and our wicks are 100% cotton.

A truly unique product, palm is a rigid wax that does not have to be contained like soy (another clean burning wax). Our freestanding pillars will not experience slumping, sagging, or drooping! As a result, the candles will not collapse and never drown the wick. These candles burn straight to the bottom!

Ascents Candle Company is dedicated to creating a candle of exceptional quality, while keeping your personal health as our first priority. Our candles are made lovingly by hand in Seattle, WA where we are committed to maintaining a sustainable business and are always looking for new ways to make a difference…
one candle at a time.

Breathe Easier,

Julianna M. Batho
Owner & Creator